Installing Titanium Bolts and Washers

How to install titanium bolts and washers on your bike:

  • Tools needed:
    • Torque wrench
    • Allen key set (Metric)
    • Torx key set (Metric)
  • Step 1:
    • We always recommend starting with a clean bike.
    • Locate bolts to be removed and select the appropriate allen or torx key for removal.
    • Match removed bolt to most appropriate size within the supplied bolt kit. The bolt head may differ in appearance so the most important factor to consider is bolt width and bolt length.
    • Once the proper bolt is selected, you have the option to add a washer to the bolt. If the bolt you removed had a washer it is best to install the new bolt with a washer.
    • Apply anti-seize to the threads (if you are not using blue loctite) and back of heads or washer. Anywhere the titanium touches metal like aluminum or steel to prevent galling on the other metal. A small amount goes a long way. PVD coated bolts (black, silver, and rainbow oil slick) have an added layer of protection against corrosion.
    • Apply blue loctite to one portion of threads.
    • Install the bolt into the thread and hand tighten.
    • Locate the proper torque setting for the bolt based on the manufacturer spec. This can be located on the bolt or part it is being installed onto. If not, a quick websearch of the manufacturer site is the best option.
    • Tighten bolt to appropriate inch-pounds or newton meters.
  • We recommend m5 bolts not be tightened over 15-20nm. Most rotors suggest 5nm and stems 5-9nm.
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