Santa Cruz and Juliana Shock and Pivot Bolt Installation

      • Remove air out of shock
      • Remove front shock bolt
      • Move rear swing arm to access the rear shock bolt freely without damaging the frame
      • Remove rear shock bolt
      • Apply anti seize to threads of all bolts and waterproof grease to the shank (smooth portion) of the two shock bolts
      • Install top shock bolt first to torque spec found on below
      • Install rear shock bolt to correct torque setting
      • Remove the 3 pivot bolts and washers
      • Apply anti seize to theads and to the contact area of the washer supplied and the cone washer supplied with the bike, having anti-seize between aluminum and titanium is important
      • Install bolts to the torque spec found in the links above
      • Recheck that all bolts are tight.
      • Enjoy the ride!
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