Titanium Threadlockers

We highly recommend using a thread locker on mountain bike bolts. Especially on parts like pivots and rotor bolts that receive high vibration. We do offer this service but suggest buying a bottle for your garage and future bolt installs. Amazon sells Vibra-Tite VC3 on prime.

Our favorite product is Vibra-Tite VC3 for the following reasons:

  • Clean and easy to apply/install
  • Locks like red loctite but releases like blue loctite
  • Reusable for 5 installs
  • Dries in minutes
  • Reduces vibration for a smoother ride
  • Anti-seize properties that work great with titanium
    • How to Install
  1. Make sure threads are clean and free of oil or other residues
  2. Shake bottle of Vibra-Tite
  3. Use paintbrush to fill 50% depth of threads
  4. Let dry for 10-30 minutes

Our second favorite Blue Loctite 242 which is a classic threadlocker that is applied wet while installing and hardens up with a lack of oxygen once installed. It can be messy to install, only lasts for one install and doesn't have anti-vibration qualities. 

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