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What Is PVD Coating?

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

Physical Vapor Deposition commonly known as PVD coating is Better Bolts preferred process for coloring our titanium bolts. PVD is a thin metallic film that adds strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, reduced friction, and decorative colors that don't fade over time.

Better Bolts is able to provide gold, rainbow oil slick, black, and copper PVD in a consistent process so a bolt you buy today will match a bolt you buy in the future. Batch to batch, our recipes for coloring leave us with consistent colors across sizes. 

We are so confident in PVD coating that we include coloring issues in our Better Bolts Lifetime Warranty.

Why don't we anodize? (Red, green, blue, purple, and pink)

  • Reduces stretch of material: to reach quality colors with anodizing it requires acid etching bolts. This makes the surface of the bolt porous in order for the color to refract lighting better.
  • Coloring inconsistency: anodizing also differs slightly from batch to batch so it leaves us with inconsistent coloring across our range of bolts. Variable such as room temperature, water temperature, electrolyte dilution levels, and more can impact coloring from batch to batch.
  • Oil leaves blemishes: the oil on your hands or grease commonly used with bicycle will drastically impact the look of the metal.
  • Fades in sunlight: Anodizing fades when exposed to sunlight.
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